Friday, December 31, 2010


Some friends I grabbed photos of last year.

T.C. this was last year's New Years Eve 

The homie Popcorn Rockn' the M.J. shades

 This is Michael aka "Shark" from Mishka.

 This is the man that develops all of my film in Greenpoint. ENLA.  A good friend of mine Levi   put me onto this spot a couple of years back. 

N8 at the halfway point in his chest piece. 

Yatica Star Fields at his mobile show in Dumbo, he rented a U Haul and filled it with his art work. Hey, if they won't let you have a show in their gallery have one in front of it!

My favorite photo I have taken of Kurt Boone.

 Dug this kids style. While not for me I appreciate what he is going for.

Saw this guy leaving the photography expo!  He mentioned that he still only uses film and has been shooting since he was 12!

This little girl was dressed up as Donald Trump for Halloween when I was working on the Celebrity Apprentice.

Some people that caught my eye this year!

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