Tuesday, December 14, 2010


It's easy to bitch about the cold and snow, in NYC people are always complaining about the weather. Too cold, too hot, too this, my allergy's, whatever. While a lot of us deal with it because we have to for work, a lot of people don't let it hold them back from having some fun. 

This was my work bike last winter until it was stolen, I took a 45 min break came back and this KHS was covered! Shortly after I watched a snow plow truck get stuck in the snow!

The weather can also clear the streets and provide some "cover" to produce some quality work!

The snow doesn't hold Prolly back! This was last year when he tried non-drive drive train.

 This is my friend Daryl, if you've been to any BMX event, you know this guy's a ripper on and off the bike!
 There is a job for everything, and everybody, I'm happy to provide them.
While this weather is not ideal, we adapt.

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