Monday, December 20, 2010


 While it's nice to look back it's always important to know where your at.

NYC, the most photographed city in the world. These are some of my favorites from the past couple months. Recently, a couple people have told me this blog gives them a glimpse into NYC. While it's a really great compliment, I felt the need to provide a deeper look from my perspective for people that have not been here before.
This is a typical news stand for a subway. All the colors and logos are overwhelming yet beautiful. 

 This was shot from Milk studios, this is also the West side subway layup.

Because space is tight stacking vertically is often a solution.

 While a lot is being built, a lot is also decaying... circle of life I suppose.

This was my local bodega's flower display for mothers day. Stores are so small you really have to utilize space, even if it's the sidewalk.

 Cross any bridge and you have a beautiful view of the city.

 This was taken from the 5th floor of the Trump Tower where I was working for a couple of months, below is the famous 5th Avenue. One of the main veins through the city.

                                                                   "Street meat"
A very common sight on the street here. There is a really interesting documentary about NYC food carts called "Man Push Cart". Check it out.

Times Square. The Disneyland of NYC 
        New and old and being built all right next to each other for a low price of 99 cents.

 Subway tunnels, home to homeless, the largest rats you've ever seen and amazing graffiti. 
A lot are abandoned, there is to be said 12 layers that go below the tunnels being used now. For reference, read "Mole People."

 Subways also cross the bridges here. This was shot from Williamsburg bridge the bike path.

 At anytime of day there is always traffic, this is on my way to a shoot at 5am.

While the city is crowded, crazy, and congested there are also beaches a half hour bike ride away.

Riding here and getting around you cross a lot of bridges. This is a view from the 59th st bridge.

                                       This is your average subway entrance

                          A big part of NYC is rooftops, they are used as a backyard with a view and a canvas for artist.

NYC discount stores are amazing, and very colorful deals displayed.

Every city has a Chinatown, this is a small side street of New York's. Some of my favorite food is on this street. I encourage you to explore your local Chinatown.

Custom cars and booze, the owner of this shop was so stoked that I knew about his car. A really great character the city is full of them!

You will see a lot of multiable business's. Get a fade and a gold chain.

And despite what people say, you can still paint freights here.

So there is a look through my lens of the city I call home. I'm sure as I left some things out. I might make this a on going post of this blog. Stay tuned!


  1. makes me miss the city, big time. good work, wilis.

  2. Thanks Will it's fun seeing N.Y. through your lens!

  3. pretty rad! that times square shot is a clear standout. whats up with the lighting, looks like some crazy reflected fill off a building... sick.

  4. whoa nice capture of swampdonkle's roofie!

  5. Thanks James, I noticed as I was rolling through. I'm a fan as well.

    Thanks Dontcoast, I leaned of of a bridge to grab that one.