Tuesday, December 21, 2010


More portraits, there are a lot of people doing bike portraits in NYC.
This is my take on a very at the time popular project. So far I only have shot people I know, in hopes the photo will have more of a intimate feel. 

This is Stephen with his Bare Knuckle Boxer, a younger messenger I've seen around the past couple years. Good kid, I really like the purple and green contrast.

This is George and his gold plated Pinarello  a true gentleman, this was the first time I saw this bike in person.

This is John and his GT gtb 

This is Tom LaMarche and his Cinelli he won.

Here we have Joey Krillz of http://grimest.com/  and his De Rosa 

This is Shon from Thicker Than Water  Tattoo http://www.thickerthanwatertattoo.com/ A really motivated up coming tattoo artist. I have 4 pieces by him and I'm stoked on all of them. Go check Shon and the rest of the guys at the shop!
 This is Izumi, this man truly loves track bikes, this day we rode to Bear Mountain a 127 mile day.

 This is Robert showing us how its done with his cargo bike.

And last but not least we have Jenessa, one of the few women NYC bike messengers. 

If I don't know you and you would like your portrait taken feel free to hit me up, I would love to meet you and your bike!

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