Thursday, December 23, 2010


It's that time of year, no matter what you celebrate or believe in, I hope you enjoy some time off and some time with friends and family. I will be gone for a couple of days, so here is a couple of random photos I pulled together for a late night post. As always click on image to enjoy full size.

 Tony Fast catching some air on Nate's Affinity Cyclone at the Peel Sessions spot.

 Saw this man around a couple of years back and managed to grab a shot of him. Looks like the man behind him did as well. Every time I would see him he would be on a different bike and they all had baskets. Whatever works...

These guys need no introduction, MSK This was in 03' in San Fransisco

Read blasting off in the Freedom Tunnel, 09'

DON'T STEAL BIKES BRO!!!! Learn how to lock your shit up BRO!

Friends in town always make for a good bike pile.

My friend, Mike impersonating a squirrel.

Shon tattooing Nate.

This happened last night, pretty amazing...

Look for post in a couple of days, feel free to browse the archives until then!

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