Saturday, June 23, 2012

Calligraffiti upside down

Ed Templeton

Harlem Skyscraper Crit 2012 extras

Last week was The annual Harlem Skyscraper Crit, the annual event usually falls on fathers day and what a great way to spend the day for the NYC cycling community! I rode up to Harlem with 4 of my close friends to enjoy the day and check out the different category's of racing. I brought my T-2 and a couple of rolls of the new Portra to test out. I met some rad people and ran into some old friends that came out for the 39 year old event.

I just missed the Cat 4's, I ran into Ktel on arrival getting his Fyxomotosis on! I asked about his race and efforts, he was in a perfect position for the final sprint on one of the last laps and a crash happened right in front of him. Way to stay on the bike man, you'll get em next year!

 Here is Keith shooting the pro category, he's a customer of the shop and great photographer and long time racer in the NYC scene.

A cracked racer getting some support from friends and family. I imagine a broken seat rail would make for an awkward race.

 I met this man Mark, he was asking about my Daccordi track and knew an awful lot about the history of NYC track racing and bikes. Mark got into racing delivering flowers to the track at Madison Sq, the florist he worked for was in charge of putting together the bouquets for the winners of the races. Mark was training and expected to do well at the 1964 Olympics but broke his leg and had to recover so he missed the event. I hope to see him at the track one day, he laughingly said he'd be back one day!

The race is defiantly a great family event

Race bikes lined up and ready to go, it's good to see people are still racing on steel!

 Unfortunately there were a lot of crashes this year, here we have the aftermath of a impact and broken collar bone.

 Sometimes auto focus is not a good thing but this was a pleasant surprise. My good friend Patrick and the man in red. I see this guy at Central Park everytime I pass through coming back from a ride.

On our way out I ran into Hiromi and his new purchase, no big deal just carrying around an Imac!

We were off to Jackson Heights to get Indian food and saw this man passed the fuck out. My buddy Chris and I were in the front and Chris went to push the cart out of the way and the cart went rolling. The next thing I hear is a crash and "FUCK!"

My buddy JP hit the shopping cart, here is the aftermath. While a little banged up he was still in good spirits. Indian food and laughs were had, I cant wait for next years race. Who knows, I might even race it next year!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shawn Wolf's Serotta pursuit track

A few months back, a good buddy of mine Shawn Wolf moved to NYC from Indiana. Shawn and I knew each other from early Bootleg Sessions videos and later, messenger events. After months of discussing the idea of Shawn moving here, he loaded up his cargo van with his motorcycle and 8 bikes and made the drive! Shawn works full time at Kinfolk in the cafe and overseeing custom bike builds as well as helping out at King Kog! We are all stoked to have him around and glad me made the move!
Below is the first bike of his collection I shot, more to come!

I'm a fan of duel carbon wheels on pursuit track bikes, these might be from around the same year as the frame.

He got the frame and fork so clean!

A little sparkle and a fastback seat clamp with Serotta tubes and a Thompson.

 Always made in the US

Radskids is a project Wolf is working on, the guy's motorcycle plate even reads radskd!

Shawn has a good eye for detail in most of his projects, matching Serotta bar ends is a classy touch.

Stay tuned for more of Wolf's collection