Monday, January 31, 2011


When I'm in the bay I always make a trip out to Oakland and hang with my good buddy James Newman. We used to be roommates and DJ partners, he helped me get my first messenger job and build my first Fixed gear in 02' 
This trip was from 07'

Click on photos to enjoy full size

 Here James' set up at the time, I remember when he got this bike in Seattle. Full Suntour group.
 Here was my setup at the time. I really loved this bike, I would messenger on it, race it and practice tricks.

 Speaking of tricks, James always has some styled out skids. While cruising through his hood in Oakland we found this basketball court with this beam of light running through it. I climbed up on the hoop and grabbed these shots.
The classic no handed leg over.
 We talked about different projects and styles over coffee and headed to this bank.  Look familiar? This was the bank James dropped in off the wall in MASH
 James used my camera and grabbed these shots of me, the bank was steep as hell but a blast to ride.
 James was the first person to teach me how to no handed and leg over skid in 02.' While a lot of people consider skid tricks to be out dated and played out. I will always have fond memories of the time spent learning them.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

NACCC O7' dysfunctional family reunion'

The NACCC is like a dysfunctional family reunion, once a year you get to hang, race and party with some of your favorite people across the country. Here are some of the people I look forward to seeing every year.

Sharky, one of the nicest hard working dudes I have met. He's pretty fast as well. Sharky was the first person I saw rockn' a aerospoke in 04'
 Here we have Andy, he was the first globe traveling messenger I have met. In 02 I was having some lunch in Seattle he came up and asked if he could take a photo of my bike, in trade he gave me one of these shirts. TRACK CUNT, easy girls not that tone of cunt. Think "dude".
 He had these for sale at the NACCC
He now moved on to
With amazing collection of bikes and amazing photos, be sure to check him out.
 Aaron Lipke throwing a karate kick and some good times showing off the Chrome NACCC slip on's.
 Sarah Murder, always a fun time hanging out. She opened a really nice boutique called pushbike check here out here:
 Tommy, Donavin and Cassandra at the time from Philly. These kids are always done to party.
 Dustin from Cadence and Jason from Macaframa
 Demarco down to kick it and fast as hell.
Travis from Freight Bags.  Look, its' Rob Selemo lurking in the back. These two know how to get loose.

I always have a great time at the NACCC maybe see you this year?
Check out Austin's Facebook here:

Friday, January 28, 2011

Graffiti Friday "Extinguishers"

This weeks theme in Graffiti Friday is extinguishers. 
There big, plain and simple and one of my favorites.
The first time I saw one of these was 01' in Seattle, OZE & GEL. Nobody had a clue as to how they did it but respected the size.
10 years later they are everywhere nation wide. 

This was the first one I saw in NYC PACMAN & R2 of Broadway

ROGER of of 23rd st done in 06

 MALVO out in BK

 People are starting to experiment using them for characters lately.
 One of my favorite pics. READ in the weeds.
ADEK testing a throw up outline.
Street side BTM
KATSU in soho
KATSU skull in a gallery to promote his art show.

While they are very hard to control these are the few that I have seen done right.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


To continue the series of Bryan's Builds, I bring you the Tractor Bike!
This was Bryan's mom's road bike that she used to use on club rides and casual rides as well.
Bryan worked at a lot of shops in Philly, each shop she would bring the bike in to have it "fixed up" and then would put it back in her garage. When Bryan opened up Bicycle Revolutions she gave it to him.
This is Bryan's version of his mom's bike, stripped down, custom painted John Deere Bike!

 Expired 35mm

 Drive side shot

 Stripped down the dropouts and had surly drop out's installed. To go with the theme he used limited edition brown Surly hubs and Surly double chain tensioners for a very tractor feel.

Really like the seat cluster on this classic Trek and the B-17 brown Brooks on this theme.

 Original cranks with a single speed twist.

 Custom powder coated Cetma rack and powder coated Salsa stem complete the cockpit.

 Green nipples and a classy 1 cross front wheel with these beautiful brown Surly hubs.

This is one of the bikes that started it all, and will always be one of my favorites.

Check out Bryan's shop here:

NACCC 07' Tricks and Trackstands

Found a disk of my trip to S.F. for the 2007 NACCC cleaning up today.
At the time I had been in Philly for a year and had just got on my feet. As a result I was broke and wanted to go race. I decided to sell a bike to pay for the trip, that bike was a Eddy Merckx 7-11 road bike.  I regret selling that bike a little bit but it was well worth the times that I had in SF.
As always click on photo to enjoy full size.

A couple from the distance skid contest
 A new meaning to balls deep skid.

Sino from Japan killed it

A couple from the trick jam:
 A messenger that used to ride flatland and killed it.

 Keo rockn his early syle

 Look in the back! It's NYC'S own Dan Chabs!

 Alex Farioletti rockn the custom 49/16 King Kog team bike

 James Newman with road drops

 que with a roller training tire on the rear to match his orange deep v

 Keo getting down in the trackstands with some fabric horse and Cadence gear.

 This guy was from Texas, I forget his name. Every year his set up and gear would get wilder and

 Tommy from Philly was in the mix.

In the end these two dudes not win but they sure had a lot of colors on and had a lot of fun.

 I have a bunch of photos from my trip so I will be mixing these in a couple times a week with my regular post.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A visit to GRIME

Despite being under the weather, I headed out to have a quick meet up with the Grime crew to check out there spot.

Neighborhood kids were very curious about what kind a bikes are being sold and what was in the shop.

 Krillz and I decided to shoot a couple
 Check Krillz out here:

 Ed Wonka came in with some new gear.
 If we have ever met Ed, you know what he's about.
 A quick shot of their case and product wall,
The guys rockn' the new Sink or Swim Gear.

Stoked on the guy's for pulling this project together!

Stay tuned for more with the GRIME crew.