Monday, January 17, 2011

Hang Tight

Been very busy running around and working on projects. Good problem to have in general I suppose. 
 I recently took another trip to Philly to hang with my friend Bryan and his wife Heather to shoot part of his collection. I am waiting for some film to be processed, until then here are a couple of teaser shots.
As always click on image to enjoy full size!

As you might have noticed, The shops color is pink. Stay tuned for some Sweat Hogs Jersey sneak peak!

A very special project.

A very special build.
Part of the reason why I bugged Bryan for a job.

Riding high!
Bryan is a Master wheel builder, 48 spoke, 4 leading 4 trailing pattern.
A customer build that entered the mix while I was shooting.
Attention to detail in every way possible.
We even inspired the MAN to get down with some tricks! Of course he put his own take on the mechanics of the sport!
A very special, ahead of it's time track crankset that was bought for less than your tire set.
The nitty gritty.
24 hole hand built Tubular.
Has never seen the street and never will.
Look forward to seeing you on the track man!
The Tractor bike.

Thanks again to Bryan and Heather for accommodating me and having a awesome dinner together!
While it is always flattering to capture a collection there is a lot more to take photos of!
Stay tuned for more post soon!

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