Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Trick Progression

Happy new Year! 
I feel like I just recovered, hence not posting for a couple of days. 
Found some photos over the past 5 years of what I consider to be the golden age of fixed gear freestyle to now. 

 Jason, yes he made it around the block and truck. His second lap he said "let's see if I can do the whole block no handed." He came pretty damn close.
I threw a photo of me that Tom took. Learning 180's at FDR during the filming of Bootlegsessions 1
During that time Tom, Tony and myself would meet up often and film. Indo's were still considered a trick.
I was super impressed watching Tony huck himself into this fence.

A couple years later met this dude, John Watson this was at Monster Track 10 trick jam he threw.

Tory came in the mix during this time, always super motivated to ride. Check him out at WRAHW

A couple of years later Tom Mosher was coming down to NYC always trying to come up with something different.

Even Nate was riding then!  http://www.thickerthanwatertattoo.com/
Wonka was still riding for Gorrrila. Check him out now at: http://grimest.com/
Last year at the BFF trick jam, Tyler Johnson came through with some impressive style.

The sport has came along way and is still getting crazier. I am proud to have helped get it off ground but will always enjoy the Golden years the most.


  1. This has been my favorite post of yet,look forward to tomorrows!

  2. no skids? what? maybe i gotta put something together to go before this stuff :)

  3. Great post, thanks for the mention!

    Who knows where this is headed?

    You definitely were one of the OG rippers in my eyes!