Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good Heather

Here we have Heather Muller aka "Good Heather"
She is a super positive girl a part time messenger and a alley cat badass.
Just to give you an idea, she has won Monster Track 3 times in a row. Last year her prize was a custom Squarebuilt.
As you can see, she already had one. So she raffled it off and donated the money to charity!
Squid from Cycle Hawk ended up winning it.

Here is Heather and her trademark purple sunglasses.

The classic drive side shot of her beautiful Squarebuilt.

 Squarebuilts dropouts are always on point!

Really like the seat tube cluster on this frame.
 Clever logo placement.
 Really like the paint and classic flat crown fork.

A really classy build for a classy girl. Thanks  again for meeting up Heather!

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