Thursday, January 13, 2011

Quick Timing

A lot of my work is done on the fly and on and off my bike, if I see something interesting  I dig in the pocket and hope the shot turns out. Below are some examples of shots that did.

Every year a couple of days before Christmas people put on the Santa suit and go out drinking. Usually in my neighborhood. 

 This guy makes the best burgers! Loving the hat.

Riding in Greenpoint I came across this at a welding shop.          

A g'd out statue of Liberty 

 A raccoon that was not scared of me or my flash!
 The coolest van I think I have ever seen!

 This planter was in the street.

One of my favorite signs.

Really like this reflection of a once famous graffiti wall in this cafe's window.

It took more time to break through that glass then it would to cut this chain.

Even if you can't walk it's still nice to pedal!

I always have a point n shoot on me for these special moments that catch my eye.

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