Friday, December 31, 2010


OK, last top ten.
Bikes I've ran into that I think are creative and special builds.

 One of the prototype Trimble carbon bikes.

 One of Bryan's MANY beautiful bikes.

 My friends Jake Ricker's KHS check his blog here:

 Icarus from Boston
 Affinity and cicli devotion collab click larger to view the drillium action!
 Affinity's lo pro carbon build
 My friend Brian's Pinarello NOS with some Shimano 600

 Eugene's Cinelli MASH
Mary's Landshark

So that's it for now kids, this year has been a tuff one for all of us. I have a feeling this next one is going to be a good one! Stay safe!


I've mentioned before on this blog I prefer illegal graffiti. 
For those who do not agree, I can see and understand your points. This is my personal opinion.

A lot of urban cyclist paint, it's the best way to cover a lot of ground and in some cases get away.
Messengers see it all day long, some pick it up and want to leave their mark.
Some graffiti writers don't give a damn about bikes other that it gets them to the next spot to paint. Either way they have gone hand in hand for decades and will for decades more to come.

This is RANCOR done by READ
Notice the Cinelli logo for the C

 A prime example of old school messenger and graffiti, FUTURA He is a very talented artist, photographer and father.A insperation to us all! Check out his current site below and a link referencing some of his old work.
And if you have no idea who this is :
 DCEVE and Peter Grffin chilling in the freedom tunnel.

 This was done by SEEDR BTM in memorial to the passing of Dash Snow aka SACE 
 Norm MSK in 04' still burning

 These guys crush this city with quality, creative work. gen 2 muk 123 and the whole 907 crew.

 Size does matter MORAL
 JARE and TRUE up there!
 ADEK, over the ever disputed Sheperd Fairey OBEY wall. Round 1.
In NYC you have to get clever to keep your name up. KATSU and AVONE.

There ya have it, my favorite graffiti flicks I have taken the past year.


Some friends I grabbed photos of last year.

T.C. this was last year's New Years Eve 

The homie Popcorn Rockn' the M.J. shades

 This is Michael aka "Shark" from Mishka.

 This is the man that develops all of my film in Greenpoint. ENLA.  A good friend of mine Levi   put me onto this spot a couple of years back. 

N8 at the halfway point in his chest piece. 

Yatica Star Fields at his mobile show in Dumbo, he rented a U Haul and filled it with his art work. Hey, if they won't let you have a show in their gallery have one in front of it!

My favorite photo I have taken of Kurt Boone.

 Dug this kids style. While not for me I appreciate what he is going for.

Saw this guy leaving the photography expo!  He mentioned that he still only uses film and has been shooting since he was 12!

This little girl was dressed up as Donald Trump for Halloween when I was working on the Celebrity Apprentice.

Some people that caught my eye this year!


With all the top ten post flying around, I thought I would try to put a different twist on the subject.

This was the 3rd track bike I owned. 04' Campy cranks, rear hub, seat post Chris King headset and front BMX hub and a wound up. Still one of my favorite builds.

 This Brooklyn Machine works Gangsta track was awesome. This was at a curving point for fixed gear freestyle. While trying tricks on Thursdays at Peel Sessions and during downtime I still messenger ed on this beast as well. Pre- Hold Fast, notice the double straps and metal clips. 

A very special Daccordi, I bought NOS, ended up being a bit big so I sold it.  

 The Marinoni. Bought from Prolly a couple of years back. While it's seen new paint, chrome and a lot of different build it still rides amazing.

 Still have this Daccordi time trial bike. This is my Campy nerd bike. Shamal and C-record with risers and BMX flats FTW I used to messenger and deliver food on this bike :)

Last winter I bought this from a friend and ended up selling.  

KHS flite 100 My food delivery bike I built up for work, shortly after it was stolen in front of a restaurant I was working for. 

After the KHS was stolen I built this up Daccordi with slx tubing and NOS Shimano 600 group. 

 After selling the Orbea and with Jason from Affinity getting these in, I wanted a aluminum track bike again. He hooked me up with a really great deal but it rode a little long, check the saddle position. 

This is the Affinity Kissena small, a one off color that was made for Ralph Lauren. Jason let me trade in the Medium for the Small and I couldn't be happier. This is the fastest, stiffest track frame I've owned, and I have owned a lot more than what has been shown here.
Check Jason and Affinity out here: 

More builds planned for 2011! Can't wait to see what everybody else builds up in the New Year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Past, Present, Future

With the new year approaching, I was looking back in the archives to when I first moved East.
This is a collection of some of my favorite photos and time spent with friends from then till now.
Thanks for the support and encouragement, lets keep the good times rollin'! 

A year or so after I met Tom, we used to meet up a couple of times a week and ride. This was the first time we went down to FDR skate park, I think it was around 8am. Locals here do not like bikes riding here, after the locals started to show up the bmxers started to leave. We kept riding for most of the day, taking photos trying new shit. As we were leaving,  a couple locals came over that rode there track bikes to get to the park, gave us props and were amazed at what we were pulling. 

In NYC you see this a lot! Abandoned, parted out bikes. This was one that stood out the most to me. Ape hanger bars, banana seat locked up wheels and a dura ace sticker.

Two of my favorite people, James Newman and Rob Salimo in San Fransisco . Notice Rob is on James's race T-shirt . Hopefully see ya guys soon!
New York is known for it's graffiti, and has influenced graffiti all over the world. I personally like the illegal work that is done well. This guy, to me, is a prime example of that. DCEVE Every piece I have seen on trucks, tunnels, and cutty locations is always on point. Check out his crews site here :

This is Dan Bones, he rules. Check out his site here and you will see why.
This was the biggest I've seen John go in person! A really good friend of mine. Check out his site here:

This is a ad next to a recently added bike lane next to new, huge, super condos. The irony.

I love catching people painting over graffiti, most of the time the people doing it look at it as just another job. This guy said he worked for the construction company and was getting paid 33 an hour...

One of my favorite birthday gifts I've seen. Done in Seattle.
 Angelo takes really great photos, he took one of the best shots of me I've seen. Check his blog here! Look forward to riding with you man!

The first time I saw Cycle's graffiti I was 13 and I was blown away. 15 years later this pops up in my neighborhood. Awesome!

This guy kills shit all over the country with paint, labels and a message OPEN YOUR EYES. Please take the time to sift through a flickr group that was made for his work.

After seeing Edwin De larosa around town for a while it was cool to run into him at my friends tattoo shop.  We both were getting tattoo's for our mom.

This is my brother Matt, one of my favorite dudes, and one of my favorite portraits yet.

So, here is to a new year and more good times to come!