Wednesday, December 22, 2010


So, generally when I shoot film I have a camera with color film and a camera with black and white film on me.
I use the black and white a lot more sparingly, I go through 3 rolls of color on a average compared to one roll of black and white. Not sure why but I look at it as more of a treat. If you have checked out my blog before, you might recognize a couple of people that I've shown in color. As always click on the image to enjoy at full size!

This a ever changing discount store across the street from where I get my film developed.  As a result of location when I get to my developing spot and have 1 or 2 exposure's left I always shoot this store.

 Walking into Tompkins Square park.

This is Kurt Boone, I've made a post about him before, check his site out!

 Curving vanishing point.

Cultural contrast.
 Jeff from Continuum Cycles

 A couple of Chris,

This is Santiago, he delivers  food at Dumont.

 A couple more of Hiromi and his IRO

While it easy to put a black and white filter on a color image, I find it is never the same result.


  1. maybe its because i hold NYC in a special unknown "feeling" or some shit but BW images just feel right there. I love these man. very well done! shoot more bw

  2. Thank you man, I really appreciate that!

  3. the elevated train tracks are a dope shot yo!!