Sunday, December 12, 2010


As the colder and wetter weather arrives it's nice to look back in the archives and remember summer/fall.
Check out some memories and interactions that I had, I hope that they can inspire you!

 102 outside when I took this photo, after i left a bottle of water next to his left hand.
 This chicken somehow got into my friends van during the night.
 I was invited to show some photos at the BFF Boston art show, this was painted by ETHER Check out his blog here:
On my way home from work during the "Golden Hour" 
 If you've been, you know
 Miss ya buddy, see ya in Feb. for the NAHBS

 What a pair.
Done illegally during the day by ADEK to tribute the death of a NYC legend SACE.

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  1. So stoked that you have a blog Willis!

    Will be cool to see the world through your eyes/lense.