Friday, December 31, 2010


I've mentioned before on this blog I prefer illegal graffiti. 
For those who do not agree, I can see and understand your points. This is my personal opinion.

A lot of urban cyclist paint, it's the best way to cover a lot of ground and in some cases get away.
Messengers see it all day long, some pick it up and want to leave their mark.
Some graffiti writers don't give a damn about bikes other that it gets them to the next spot to paint. Either way they have gone hand in hand for decades and will for decades more to come.

This is RANCOR done by READ
Notice the Cinelli logo for the C

 A prime example of old school messenger and graffiti, FUTURA He is a very talented artist, photographer and father.A insperation to us all! Check out his current site below and a link referencing some of his old work.
And if you have no idea who this is :
 DCEVE and Peter Grffin chilling in the freedom tunnel.

 This was done by SEEDR BTM in memorial to the passing of Dash Snow aka SACE 
 Norm MSK in 04' still burning

 These guys crush this city with quality, creative work. gen 2 muk 123 and the whole 907 crew.

 Size does matter MORAL
 JARE and TRUE up there!
 ADEK, over the ever disputed Sheperd Fairey OBEY wall. Round 1.
In NYC you have to get clever to keep your name up. KATSU and AVONE.

There ya have it, my favorite graffiti flicks I have taken the past year.

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