Thursday, December 16, 2010

Friends and Bikes

Got a roll developed from my winter ride, more portraits!

This is Jose and his custom folding bike.
Imac wind shield and lamp shade grip covers
A creative gentleman.

This is Chris on his Continuum , he wins races and makes movies.

Speaking of Continuum,
This is Fritz and his Eddy Merckx 7-11, he is a amazing photographer, father, and co-owner of Continum

This is Jeff, he owns Continuum and is a all around stand up guy, frame designer, and bad ass.

This is Yuki from Chari an Co

This is Sam Paul on her Pake, try her cupcakes!

This is JT he is one fast guy! A great artist and father as well.

This is Tony Fast, a friend that I used to ride with in Philly and see in NYC when he visits.

This is John, he has a awesome blog

This is Jason from Affinity Building up the Trimble collaboration carbon track racing bike.

Stay tuned for more portraits, more post to come!

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