Monday, December 13, 2010


If you've ever been in Wburg and seen kids on bikes sprinting around with multiple plastic bas in hand, or on their handle bars, and baskets this is because they deliver food. Often for more than one restaurant, so time is of the essence. I've worked off and on with SNAP
 for 4 years doing traditional messenger work and food delivery. Over the years have got to know these people as friends, here are some of the folks that work with SNAP!

Larry Fox and his custom track.

                                 Danny and his custom Geekhouse 

Nick "Cali" anh is borrowed de bernardi

Freddie and his track with no pedal cages
                                                          Nichole and her Mercier

Krista and her Surly


                                                            Matt and his KHS

                                    Heather loop and her Squarebuilt

                                                         Breno and his Griffn
Great characters and personality's to work with!
Stay Tuned, with this project, winter pic's will be happening soon along with photos of the rest of the crew!

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