Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The snow is here, and while it can be very UN motivating to ride outside with 10 degree temperatures and snow on the ground I find it is worth it. Get your layers on and brave the cold, you will warm up quick.
If you need a bit of motivation to get out there check out my photos, these got me in the mood to ride.

This is one of the bikes I was riding last winter, this year's will be a bit different. Stay tuned on that.

  This is Tom during the winter of 06', while it looks clear it was very cold.
Proof that you can warm up. 

These guys usually get me stoked to ride, BFF week 2 years ago at the polo courts.

Daga, a really down, motivating girl that is always down to ride.

Luke, Chris filming me for Empire http://www.empirebegins.com/  I always want to ride after seeing this photo.

Wonka at The BFF at last year's bunny hop contest "raising the bar"

So brave the cold, go for a spin. I'm going to go get some film developed, photos to come later!

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