Sunday, December 26, 2010


Here are some folks I shot over the past couple years that I consider "rock stars"

This was in Chicago, when we were there for the NACCS, pre critical mass ride.
This guy was into it and prepared.

This is Benny, we used to work together in Philly, and in NYC at Trackstar courier.
This was during fashion week, if you've worked here you know it's all about portfolios. He had 12 on him, I had 7 on a track bike.

 I forget this guys name, I used to run into him all the time. Haven't seen him in years. Anybody?
He always had the flyest gear and 90's MTB bikes and a really great attitude.

This is Radioman, if you've been through Greenpoint chances are you've seen him. He told me once, "the 3 things he gives a shit about he can carry on his bike. Beer, Music and himself." Go on Radioman!

This is Mr. Wilson. He pimps out 70's Schwinn's with his friends in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn. A car alarm, system with a sub woofer and lights. 72 of them on this one.  I caught a glimpse of sun in my lens and managed to get this prism effect over him.

This is James Newman, he taught me how to ride track bikes. We used to D.J. a lot together as well. If you've seen Mash or Macaframa you know his steez. This was on the way back from Central Park, over the 59th st bridge.

This is Daga, she is a down rider, in Empire, a racer and artist. She now resides in RVA and is learning welding and finishing school.

As always stay tuned for more post, I'm still recovering from the holidays as I hope you are.


  1. Yo Willis- That's Oliver rocking the Haro Extreme. I see him out there from time to time. Happy New Year Mang!

  2. Right on Squid, Happy new year and thanks for the info and checking my blog out!