Friday, December 31, 2010


With all the top ten post flying around, I thought I would try to put a different twist on the subject.

This was the 3rd track bike I owned. 04' Campy cranks, rear hub, seat post Chris King headset and front BMX hub and a wound up. Still one of my favorite builds.

 This Brooklyn Machine works Gangsta track was awesome. This was at a curving point for fixed gear freestyle. While trying tricks on Thursdays at Peel Sessions and during downtime I still messenger ed on this beast as well. Pre- Hold Fast, notice the double straps and metal clips. 

A very special Daccordi, I bought NOS, ended up being a bit big so I sold it.  

 The Marinoni. Bought from Prolly a couple of years back. While it's seen new paint, chrome and a lot of different build it still rides amazing.

 Still have this Daccordi time trial bike. This is my Campy nerd bike. Shamal and C-record with risers and BMX flats FTW I used to messenger and deliver food on this bike :)

Last winter I bought this from a friend and ended up selling.  

KHS flite 100 My food delivery bike I built up for work, shortly after it was stolen in front of a restaurant I was working for. 

After the KHS was stolen I built this up Daccordi with slx tubing and NOS Shimano 600 group. 

 After selling the Orbea and with Jason from Affinity getting these in, I wanted a aluminum track bike again. He hooked me up with a really great deal but it rode a little long, check the saddle position. 

This is the Affinity Kissena small, a one off color that was made for Ralph Lauren. Jason let me trade in the Medium for the Small and I couldn't be happier. This is the fastest, stiffest track frame I've owned, and I have owned a lot more than what has been shown here.
Check Jason and Affinity out here: 

More builds planned for 2011! Can't wait to see what everybody else builds up in the New Year!


  1. A great looking collection indeed. I love the Daccordi TT bike, it looks crazy with the risers and flats

  2. What rear hub is that on the Marinoni and the Kissena? Super flange...