Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shut up and ride

Pretty funny, sadly enough there are cyclist out there that worry way to much about everything else other than actually having fun riding a bike.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Landlords Timeline

Saw this over at the Landords blog pretty rad. I guess I fall into category 5.
Be sure to check Landlords blog often here:

The timeline will be added later, but for now:
Level 1 starts in 1890
Level 2 starts in somewhere between 1910-1930.
Level 3 starts Mid to Late 1970’s.
Level 4 starts late 80’s
Level 5 starts late 90’s/early, early 2000’s.
Level 6 starts mid 2000’s.
Level 7 is current.

Jesse Edwards

An old friend of mine was recently in town, check the video below for a quick interview.
I first met Jesse when I was 16, I had just moved to Seattle and was skating a lot downtown, I didn't know anybody. We took the same bus home often after skating, he had just started to take oil painting classes. He was always a interesting and funny person to catch up and hang with, glad to see he stuck with it. The art world needs more people like Jesse.

Jesse Edwards - "Dialogue of the Streets" at Klughaus Gallery from Klughaus Gallery on Vimeo.