Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A short trip to Philly

I was in Philly this past weekend working on a project.
When I'm there, I stay with my friend Bryan from Bicycle Revolutions.
While visiting I usually catch a couple photos of his ever growing collection, this trip it was cut short so I'm going back down this weekend to shoot more.
Until then here is a teaser from last summer.

Check out B revs here!

Black Affinity Lo pro, Brooks saddle, Miche seat post
 During the time of this build Philly was cracking down on not having brakes. This is Bryans "coaster brake" to detour tickets. Pretty clever as always.
 Nos Cinellli alter stem King head set and some Profile bars.
 Sram Track cranks, hollow point chain, bmx pedals and some RE- Load lock down straps.
 Bryan is always building up the right bike for his wife Heather. Coupled, internal Nexus 8 speed custom paint with some pink accents and a Brooks.
And of course, what trip to Philly is complete without a Cheesesteak!?
This was at 2am after working on a special project...

Stay tuned for more bikes and adventures to Philly!


  1. tight! bike revs is the best. I really love this blog. definitely my new favorite. by the way what are you shooting with? t4?

  2. Thanks for the kind words Jack.
    I currently shoot with t-4, a cannon 20d, a olympic stylus, a cannon powershot sx 110 is and my iphone.
    I have a bunch of other camera' but this is what I am working with now.

  3. the coaster brake thingy is soo nice. lot better than a brake lever on your seatpost or something =) the cheesesteak makes me feel really nauseous......