Saturday, January 29, 2011

NACCC O7' dysfunctional family reunion'

The NACCC is like a dysfunctional family reunion, once a year you get to hang, race and party with some of your favorite people across the country. Here are some of the people I look forward to seeing every year.

Sharky, one of the nicest hard working dudes I have met. He's pretty fast as well. Sharky was the first person I saw rockn' a aerospoke in 04'
 Here we have Andy, he was the first globe traveling messenger I have met. In 02 I was having some lunch in Seattle he came up and asked if he could take a photo of my bike, in trade he gave me one of these shirts. TRACK CUNT, easy girls not that tone of cunt. Think "dude".
 He had these for sale at the NACCC
He now moved on to
With amazing collection of bikes and amazing photos, be sure to check him out.
 Aaron Lipke throwing a karate kick and some good times showing off the Chrome NACCC slip on's.
 Sarah Murder, always a fun time hanging out. She opened a really nice boutique called pushbike check here out here:
 Tommy, Donavin and Cassandra at the time from Philly. These kids are always done to party.
 Dustin from Cadence and Jason from Macaframa
 Demarco down to kick it and fast as hell.
Travis from Freight Bags.  Look, its' Rob Selemo lurking in the back. These two know how to get loose.

I always have a great time at the NACCC maybe see you this year?
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