Thursday, January 27, 2011


To continue the series of Bryan's Builds, I bring you the Tractor Bike!
This was Bryan's mom's road bike that she used to use on club rides and casual rides as well.
Bryan worked at a lot of shops in Philly, each shop she would bring the bike in to have it "fixed up" and then would put it back in her garage. When Bryan opened up Bicycle Revolutions she gave it to him.
This is Bryan's version of his mom's bike, stripped down, custom painted John Deere Bike!

 Expired 35mm

 Drive side shot

 Stripped down the dropouts and had surly drop out's installed. To go with the theme he used limited edition brown Surly hubs and Surly double chain tensioners for a very tractor feel.

Really like the seat cluster on this classic Trek and the B-17 brown Brooks on this theme.

 Original cranks with a single speed twist.

 Custom powder coated Cetma rack and powder coated Salsa stem complete the cockpit.

 Green nipples and a classy 1 cross front wheel with these beautiful brown Surly hubs.

This is one of the bikes that started it all, and will always be one of my favorites.

Check out Bryan's shop here:

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