Monday, January 31, 2011


When I'm in the bay I always make a trip out to Oakland and hang with my good buddy James Newman. We used to be roommates and DJ partners, he helped me get my first messenger job and build my first Fixed gear in 02' 
This trip was from 07'

Click on photos to enjoy full size

 Here James' set up at the time, I remember when he got this bike in Seattle. Full Suntour group.
 Here was my setup at the time. I really loved this bike, I would messenger on it, race it and practice tricks.

 Speaking of tricks, James always has some styled out skids. While cruising through his hood in Oakland we found this basketball court with this beam of light running through it. I climbed up on the hoop and grabbed these shots.
The classic no handed leg over.
 We talked about different projects and styles over coffee and headed to this bank.  Look familiar? This was the bank James dropped in off the wall in MASH
 James used my camera and grabbed these shots of me, the bank was steep as hell but a blast to ride.
 James was the first person to teach me how to no handed and leg over skid in 02.' While a lot of people consider skid tricks to be out dated and played out. I will always have fond memories of the time spent learning them.


  1. Good to see these pics of my bros.
    Looking good Will and James!

  2. hell yah man i will never forget how much fun i had learning leg overs and all those...too much fun.