Thursday, January 27, 2011

NACCC 07' Tricks and Trackstands

Found a disk of my trip to S.F. for the 2007 NACCC cleaning up today.
At the time I had been in Philly for a year and had just got on my feet. As a result I was broke and wanted to go race. I decided to sell a bike to pay for the trip, that bike was a Eddy Merckx 7-11 road bike.  I regret selling that bike a little bit but it was well worth the times that I had in SF.
As always click on photo to enjoy full size.

A couple from the distance skid contest
 A new meaning to balls deep skid.

Sino from Japan killed it

A couple from the trick jam:
 A messenger that used to ride flatland and killed it.

 Keo rockn his early syle

 Look in the back! It's NYC'S own Dan Chabs!

 Alex Farioletti rockn the custom 49/16 King Kog team bike

 James Newman with road drops

 que with a roller training tire on the rear to match his orange deep v

 Keo getting down in the trackstands with some fabric horse and Cadence gear.

 This guy was from Texas, I forget his name. Every year his set up and gear would get wilder and

 Tommy from Philly was in the mix.

In the end these two dudes not win but they sure had a lot of colors on and had a lot of fun.

 I have a bunch of photos from my trip so I will be mixing these in a couple times a week with my regular post.

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