Friday, January 7, 2011

Mix Matched

MORE SNOW is here and I have to go work in it tonight... 
Threw together a couple of photos together that I like before I head out the door.
As always click on image to enjoy full size.

This was a couple of days ago, this was on the way back from my snow photo hunt with James Stacher.
iphone video and a couple of whiskys in me.
I need to get one of these to smash around in the snow, so do you.
 Courtney is always rocking some crazy style! She also makes really crazy tights check her out here:
 Saw these in Port Townsend Washington, who says you need a car with a family.
 Speaking of Washington, I will be headed over to Seattle in a couple of weeks to hang with this guy, Jake Ricker and all my other folks out there!
 Mistro from King Kog, they are moving there shop next door! Check them out here:

 From Katsu's art show, more projects coming later.
 Mary and I spent NYE with these two, Eva and Eugene. Party time!
 Kinda like graffiti rubix cube from the 90's. Came across this way out in Greenpoint BK
Riding a lot in the snow I'm refusing to clean my bike until the snow is gone. I have no steel on this bike and the paint is flat so lets see how this goes. This is round 1 after 3 days. Stay tuned.

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