Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shawn Wolf's Serotta pursuit track

A few months back, a good buddy of mine Shawn Wolf moved to NYC from Indiana. Shawn and I knew each other from early Bootleg Sessions videos and later, messenger events. After months of discussing the idea of Shawn moving here, he loaded up his cargo van with his motorcycle and 8 bikes and made the drive! Shawn works full time at Kinfolk in the cafe and overseeing custom bike builds as well as helping out at King Kog! We are all stoked to have him around and glad me made the move!
Below is the first bike of his collection I shot, more to come!

I'm a fan of duel carbon wheels on pursuit track bikes, these might be from around the same year as the frame.

He got the frame and fork so clean!

A little sparkle and a fastback seat clamp with Serotta tubes and a Thompson.

 Always made in the US

Radskids is a project Wolf is working on, the guy's motorcycle plate even reads radskd!

Shawn has a good eye for detail in most of his projects, matching Serotta bar ends is a classy touch.

Stay tuned for more of Wolf's collection

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