Sunday, November 6, 2011

NACCC 2011 Extras

This will be my last NACCC 2011 post, this batch is all the behind the scenes, extra and random stuff that went down in Austin.  I met a ton of awesome people and hung out with some old friends. 
(click on photos to enjoy full size)

 The race course was a few miles outside of town directions were pretty easy but just in case someone made a helpful sign.

Chicago, Atlanta, Portland Philly, NYC, all hanging out at the track.

 Chas' SIDI's broke a while back, this was his temporary solution for tension.

 I met this guy, we started conversation over his water bottle, I had just purchased one. We talked a bit about our love for Campy and Italian bikes. He rode 200 miles that day just to come check out the race!

 Austin didn't qualify this year, always check to see if there is a back side to your manifest.

 A spectator found a box of puppies o the side of the road on her way to the race, Crihs, Kym and I were drooling over them. I already have one at home.

Lucas, a true man of leisure and adventure taking a break after filming. See the bridge in the back? He rode the tracks to check out the scenery before I took this.

Every year different cities put in a bid to determine what cities will host the race the next two years. Here we have NYC, Seattle, LA and Houston discussing the 2013 as next year will be in Richmond. I am proud to say my home town Seattle won the bid. Nice work Rob!

The next day was race day, on my way out to the course I ran into Austin changing a flat and getting some help from some locals.

One of the coolest goldsprints setups I've seen in a while.

Kym warming up Heather's legs.

Chas had his game face on!

The start of the race, no mercy!

 This guy was from NYC, he was having a VERY good time showing some love.

Hope you enjoyed the photos and if you were in Austin the good times had, see ya in Richmond next year!

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