Monday, November 14, 2011

My Daccordi Time Trial

Here is my Daccordi Time Trial bike, I have a couple of these but decided to keep this one traditional. For most of my bikes I run Campy but given the time period of the frame it was very common for racers to run Shimano on Italian frames so I went with a mix of Dura Ace and 600.
(click on photos to enjoy full size)

 The frame is effectively a 54cm, the rear wheel is a HED and front is a ZIPP.

 Shimano tri color 600 crankset

 With Dura Ace

 Mavic bars with a black Cinelli stem and Daccordi bartape

 ZIPP hub

The paint job is FIRE

Oria tubing was used a lot during this time, after Fransisco Moser beat the one hour record on this tube set, many companies started using Oria.

The bike is a great wall hanger and occasional sunday rider, it would make a great funny bike. I have one built that I'll share soon. This one might be for sale, contact me if interested.

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