Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Daccordi Funny Bike

Out of all of my bikes, I have owned this Daccordi the longest. This bike also started my love and collecting of Daccordi bicycles. A few years back I won a series called Tracklocross, it was a 4 part cross style race on track bikes on Randall's Island. The first place prize was a Continuum tack frame and fork. Jeff  from Continuum had this frame in his shop when he first opened, I put a deposit down on the frame a month before the race. At the time I had 3 track bikes and did not need another, I went and talked with Jeff about the possibility of calling it even on this frame and fork instead of the track frame for my prize. He was all for it and knew how much I wanted this bike. Thanks again Jeff! I've messenger'ed  delivered food and raced on this bike and love it. It will be in the permanent collection. 
(click on photo to enjoy full size)

This bike has seen many different wheels and components but is close to the final build. I went with a mix of C Record and Chorus. Riser bars, MTB levers and BMX flats equal comfort.

Dave at Bike Works gave me a great deal on this first generation C Record rear.

I got these Chorus cranks at a local swap, they came off of a time trail bike so these are a perfect fit, they came with a 55 tooth big ring. BMX flat for comfort, might change this set up soon.

This had to happen, I finally found this water bottle NOS.

Love the seat tube cluster, these brakes usually don't work very well with road levers but work great with MTB levers. Thanks Jack Crank for a great deal.
The bike has seen lots of miles, these chips are probably from locking up.  Down tube levers from Chari and Co and headset from King Kog.

Love this saddle, thanks Patrick! I had to cut down the length of seat post due to the s bend of the seat tube.

 For wheels I went with Campy Shamal
The rear Shamal I found NOS. Love the hour glass shape of the rear hub.

This bike took a while to build up correctly as they usually do. Thanks to everybody who gave me a good a deal on components for this bike. I built Mary up a matching bike but more on that later, stay tuned.

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