Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Litespeed Track Bike

After building up my Ti Merckx, I fell in love with the way Ti rides. I came across this Ti Litespeed track frame and had never seen one before in my size so I swooped the opportunity to own one. They are super rare as Litspeed only built a small hand full. I plan on this being my race bike, the build now consist of parts I have been saving for a special build. Parts will be swapped as race season approaches but for now I'm super stoked on how this bike rides!

The steer tube is actually 1", I originally threw a Wound Up fork on it but the original owner had this Colnago track fork that was a tighter rake. Love the head badge. I tossed on a Dede Pista setup I ran on my Affinity Kissena wrapped in some deep sea fishing pole grip. Thanks Josh!

I'm very happy to have found these cranks and Chainring. Both are pretty rare and in perfect condition.
The finish matches the frame pretty well.

The only extra rear track wheel I had at the time of this build was a C Record "sheriff star", I'm saving this wheel for a different project, stay tuned. 

The drop outs are massive on the frame. I'm running a All City  rear cog, I've said this before but these gogs run so smooth and break in perfect. The chain is a KMC Lite, very nice combo. Right now I'm running 51/17.

The tube set is massively oversized to provide stiffness of a inherently soft, flexible metal.
I went with one a classic combo of a Thompson seat post and a Italia Flite Titanium.

The bottom bracket shell is really high making the stand over really tall. Notice how high the chain is from the chain stay.
Prolly sold me these pedals a couple of years back for a great deal, still super smooth thanks man!

Over all the bike is on point, after I swap the wheels out this will be added to the permanent collection.

I have a couple of more bikes to share, all of these bikes as well as others will be displayed and for sale at a up coming project soon. 


  1. just curious...did you purchase the litespeed from this guy in Atlanta?:

    If yes, then this was originally my bike.

    1. I think so, can you tell me more about the frame?