Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Colnago Cross

I decided to give cyclocross a try this year, like a lot of other people. I grew up bmx and mountain biking and enjoy riding off road so I built this up. I've been so busy it's been tough to get to races so practices and off road riding is all this bikes seen this season this year. Next year I'll plan on racing more but it's been a blast getting used used to this bike.
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 Carbon 1" fork, I wanted sealed bearings on everything on this bike for riding in mud and gunk so once again threw a Chris King on a Italian bike. I've rode Chris King headsets since 01' and never had an issue.

 Like all my other bikes I went with a Campy drive train, Chorus road group with they're new Cross cranks. Instead of attaching with the Ultra Torque internal bolt these cranks are fastened with a 14mm bolt which can be a pain to find the allen key for it, so if you are considering buying these cranks be sure you or your mechanic have a 14mm allen key handy.  

 Running Chorus 10 speed group.

Campy also introduced a cantilever cross brake system this year, super light and easy to work on! I learned a pretty cool trick while installing these. Campy brake levers have a quick release pin on the front of them for removing your wheel. After installation of the brakes, placement and adjustment of pads and cables, pre stretch your cables then open the quick release pin on the levers like you were to take the wheels of and adjust the cable tension to that "sweet" spot. After you have it dialed in, put the pins back to the original position and you will have perfectly adjusted brakes.

 Airplane grade Columbus aluminium tubes.

The down tube is molded to resemble Gilco tubing. A very classy touch.

I went with some Mavic Ksyrium wheels Dede stem Thompson seat post and a Fizik saddle for the rest of the build. The whole bike weighs 17lbs. Pretty good for a cross build.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me via email which is listed on the profile page of this blog.

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