Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Titanium Eddy Merckx

 Here is my first Ti bike, it also led to a couple of other Ti purchases but more on that later.
The frame was designed by Eddy Merckx and like most Ti frames of this era built by Litespeed. This bike has a permanent place in the stable.
Click on photo to enjoy full size.

 I generally ride Campy, it's what I started riding years back. I bought a bike with this group on it, a Ti Basso that was to small for me so it was a easy transfer of parts.

I bought this stem and bar combo from Mike at MASH, NOS! 
A good friend of mine Nicko bought this headset in 04 and I've wanted it ever since. We recently swapped for a black Chris King. STOKED! I had the Wound Up fork laying around from a older track build and it fit the geo perfectly.

Chorus dirty drive train with some Time MTB pedals for city riding.
This bike has crazy over sized tubes to compensate the natural flex of TI. I usually stay away from adapters of shims but finding a 35mm clamp on front derailleur is nearly impossible, so I went with a Campy braze on clamp.  Ti bottle cages as well!

The only Merckx branding on the bike. Love the subtlety.

Classic combination. 

 All together I'm pleased with the build and ride. I have my eye on some 03 black record ti brakes that will function a lot better than these.


  1. Every component is freaking perfect, unbelievable build and as always, awesome photos.

  2. Thanks a lot! There are more bikes coming so stay tuned!

  3. a thomso seatpost aye. seems like you my have gotten the wrong size bike, oh well.

  4. the stem/bar combo is a bit to long, hence the seat post but thanks for the snide comment...