Friday, November 18, 2011

Bear Mountain with Maestro

Recently, a really good friend of mine Shawn and I rode a back way to Bear Mountain. I first met Shawn through the messenger community in 04' at the Westside Invite in Portland. He was the first person I met that was a track bike messenger and was branching out into road racing . I ran into him a couple of times in SF and lost touch. A couple of years back my friend Gina that owns King Kog  told me she and Shawn were together. Two years later they have a beautiful baby girl Talula. I've been giving a hand along with others during the new addition of the family and it's been great spending time both on and off the bike.

Shawn has been really motivating and pushing me to ride more, we ride 2-3 times a week.  This ride was challenging but beautiful like most things worth while.

 This was during the climb up Bear Mountain, the climb was not that bad compared to the mountains we climbed before we even got here.

 I decided to ride my C40 and break it in, one of my favorite bikes. The view is breathtaking but a reminder that your along way from home.

We descended down at speeds 40-50 mph staring at this view half way down.

I get this look a lot riding with Shawn, checking to see if I'm still there, lately I've been there and able to hang compared to when we first started to ride together. This guy is fast as hell and a VERY good climber. Come ride with us!

The back way to Bear Mountain is a longer ride, probably 70 miles compared to 50 miles on 9w but well worth the extra milage. You ride mountain ridges and ride by so many lakes with very little traffic.

A cold and a little fatigued photo of me, like a lot of things in life you have to suffer a bit to get to the good stuff, this was the last lake before we hit Bear. If you wanna ride and come with hit me up!

I've been posting way to many photos of my bikes and too little of the rides I've been doing on them, this is going to change. Expect lots of photos of bikes and snow.

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