Sunday, October 2, 2011

Black & White Film

I started to shoot black and white film again, this is the first of many rolls to come.  
On a side note I will be posting a lot more often as well.
(As always click on photo to enjoy full size.)

A hurricane recently made it's way through NYC, these signs were barely hanging on afterward.

My parents were in town so I took them on the Circle Line cruise around the island, I was really happy with this shot of the Statue of Liberty.

Quick test shot, my two road bikes and Mary's Daccordi funny bike.

Wooster street social club had a show with a bunch of old school graffiti legends.

After the show, Mary and I took a walk through Little Italy for gelato and biscotti.

 Always a fan of sticker cover ups, really stoked to see the 12oz crew is still at it. I remember buying their magazines when I was 15.

A hidden gem in NYC, my mom collects sea glass so I brought her here. She was blown away, if you wanna check this place out message me and I'll point you in the right direction. 

 I know, the classic black and white bridge shot, I really like the angles and lines of the Williamsburg Bridge and contrast of the factory's in the back round. Something that will change very drastically soon as they are going to be replaced with high rise residential buildings.

Check back soon as I will be trying to post everyday.

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