Sunday, October 30, 2011

NACCC 2011 Action Shots

This years NACCC was awesome, really well organized and put together, hats off to all that helped throw it! It was really good to see a lot of my friends and as always, meet some new ones. 
Throughout the next couple of weeks I will be posting my NACCC coverage. 
Stay tuned

 My friend Josh having a refreshment during the race!

The lead group and paparazzi!

A guy I've seen at the past 4 NACCC's, Damien. This year was the first year I got to chat with him. Super nice guy and great photographer. Check his work here:
And here:

 Billy Souphorse was handing out Pringles to racers, Danny was game!
Jason Clary was stunnin' on em with a wheelie chip grab.

As always, Crihs had his game face on. He was ridinh the new Continuum road bike, handmade in Italy.
Crihs is also a talented photohrapher, check his blog out here:

Janessa was killing it out there!

Chris lee keeping it classy as always.


Chas  and a old school legend getting in the zone.

This years course was on a motor speedway, super smooth and fast. If any future cities have this style of raceway I would suggest trying to get the permits to rent them out. Super easy to obtain and plenty of room for everybody.

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