Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NACCC 2011 Black & White

I just got a roll of film back from my recent trip to Austin Texas for the 2011 NACCC
Click on photo to enjoy full size. 

Jeff O'neil from Philly came out to race.

here we have the start, the racers had to run to their bikes classic Le Mans style.

I was making my rounds to most of the checkpoints, here we have Billy " souphorse" handing out snacks during the race. Pickle Pringles! 

My homie Josh came out from Atlanta rocking this badass vest, we used to work together in Seattle. 

Crihs Thorman came out from NYC with his new Continuum road bike, this year I saw the most amount  of road bikes I've seen at any NACCC. 

One of the cleanest Merckx I've seen in person in a long time! Loving the t shirt as well

Team awesome was in effect heckling at the qualifier.
My friend Mathew's Cannondale track.
Riding back from the race my friend Andrew and I ran into Jason! Luckily we got away just in time.

This was the main road getting to and from the race course, probably the most bikes the road has ever seen.

I have a ton more content from this years NACCC and will be posting it through the next couple of weeks. Thanks to everybody in Austin who made it happen!


  1. Love the pictures, looks like you had a lot of fun! Though i think it's called a Le Mans style start, a Lemond start would be when you get shot with a shotgun and then went out and raced ;)

  2. Thanks for the correction and checking out the post!

  3. yes! chris with my old merckx!!!