Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

                                  I went to Philly recently to catch up with some friends, go on a rode bike ride and check out a photo show my friend J.P. had up. Little did I know what I was getting into.

After meeting up with Bryan we headed North Philly to Fishtown to check out J.P's show. After getting lost we found him at this vintage motorcycle heaven. The shop has a small section in the back they rent out to artist to have art show's at. Below is a video my friend Beaver Beavs came across and a couple of snap shots I took while walking around.


I've been wanting to get a motorcycle as of late like a lot of folks I'm sure and visiting this amazing space really sealed the deal on that.

This space was filled to the rafters with motorcycles, in this case hanging from the rafters.

 A line up of 5 Norton Cammando's!

I'm going to start with something in this line up first. A Honda. 
Here is the back room gallery, simple but really cool location. Be sure to check out my friends website and work out here:


  1. Im so excited to see pictures of this place. its literally two doors down from my girlfriends house on frankford and dauphin. It looks so amazing through the doors and these shots do it justice. I would have loved to run into you on the block, because im a big fan of your work. Would have been psyched to see the red cannondale track outside the garage.

    heres my site if you want to check it out I think you would enjoy some of the content.

    keep it up, always happy to see a new post here.

  2. Well, you can probably say that his garage is a mini-museum that needs to be preserved! Adam Cramer is one of the few remaining people who have a passion for vintage motorcycles. This place is a haven for vintage ride lovers! :)

    Erik Lucien