Saturday, April 16, 2011

Red Bull Ride & Style SF

I was invited to come out to S.F. for Red Bull's Ride & Style event last month. I'll be flying out the 28th and flying down to San Diego May 2nd for a special project. I'm really stoked to go bak to the bay, of course to race, but more importantly visit with people I've known for years, Time fly's! 
For more info on the Red Bull Ride & Style check the site out!
 I have a profile flick up on the track riders section that John Watson (Prolly) took of me before he left for Austin.Check him out here:

Can't wait to see everybody!

Really stoked to see James and Rob, I've known these guys 10 years. James you better have the turntables setup when I come out to Oakland! Rob we are going dumb!
Speaking of going dumb! Really stoked to see Emi, its been a couple years! He currently lives in S.D. I'll be hangn with him down there as well!

Golden Gate park is always full of characters and is good for people watching and photo opts.
In 07 I was in SF hanging out with friends as they worked on MASH
Gabe and I filmed a quick line for fun, pretty steep hill. I bunny hopped a storm drain at the top locked a whip skid at this point wheelie x up and at the bottom of the hill threw a no handed leg over. Demarco and I were debating wall riding this same spot after. He was the only person at the time who was down to thrash like this.
Really pumped to hang with Travis from Freight Baggage! I bought one of my first actual track bikes off of him. He is currently building me a custom bike travel case! Check out Freight here: 

Glad to hear your progressing and doing well man!

Here is a very classic messenger downtime hang out called 1 POST. I'll be lurking here for sure.
This is Fergus during the NACCCS SF  when you organize a national messenger event chances are you will get hella stressed and have a similar expression on your face. I hear that FERG DOG is channeling his love for bicycles and dedication to racing these days. Keep up the hard work man.
Rob Salimo,  its always good to catch up and quote MF.DOOM songs. Call me at my number
witch you haveeeeeee. For reference listen to this, we started quoting  this shit when it first came out at the Westside Invite.

Another SF chill spot is is the island, I bunny hopped the stairs in Macaframa. 

SF has a deep rooted love for the city and it shows in every way. See ya soon!

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