Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nitty Gritty

I do enjoy taking beautiful portraits of both the rider and their bicycle, sometimes you just have to get down to the nitty gritty. Below are some details of city gritty bikes along with some gritty portraits to mix it up a bit. In my eyes some ugly things are very beautiful.
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Proof that in NYC in order for anything to not get stolen you really have to chain it up. Your still lucky if its there in the A.M.

My friend mike who delivers for Mamas food shop.

This pile is down the block from me, it recently was removed from the city and is now starting to come back.
The ever graceful and gritty Johnny Coast and his wonderful dog, we were going on a spin last summer to check out his and Seth Rosco's workshop last summer.

Pretty awesome.
Magic Man knows whats up.
When you ride your rim after getting a flat filming for MASH your name is Rob Salimo and you need to build a new wheel.
Custom pursuit bars MTB bar ends meets cut down cruiser bars will plenty of spacers.
 The dollar dumpling house next to the polo courts in NYC. The Philly guys were in town on there way up to Boston for a tournament.

While working on a production job we went to pick up some lighting equipment and I was pumped to see this hanging from the ceiling. 

One guess what this guys favorite music is? Every detailed matched accordingly.

Some details and bikes that have caught my eye that need some blog love as well.

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