Friday, April 22, 2011

Graffiti Friday

This weeks Graffiti Friday theme is delivery trucks. I ride my bike for work 5 days a week and very often on the weekend as well so I'm all over the city and run into the freshly painted delivery trucks. Some burn for years, more often than not they get dissed so I try my best to chase them down hoping to get a fresh flick using my Iphone film point n shoot or SLR or whatever else I have on me at the time. While trains are long gone we still have freights and delivery trucks. On a side note I will be posting most of my graffiti and street art content over at Goodies Magazine but I have decided to keep Graffiti Fridays for my bike friends that paint or are just down for the cause.

As always click on image to enjoy full size. 

 JA not down to get buffed
 Curve coming through with some wild style

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