Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Random Interactions

I'm always riding around the city and running into cool people, some I know and some it's my first time meeting them.  I always have some sort of camera on me for these run in's.
Click on photo to enjoy full size.

When buying your first fixed gear please don't try and replicate the Flying Scotsman.
The Cannondale track gang was in Affinity last week.
Pretty rad if you ask me, I recently joined the gang more on that later.
Met a couple guys that were newer to the game but super nice and humble. Something that is a rare quality to have these days!
This kid rode bmx for a long time but dew to a recent injury picked up a fixed gear.
These guys hang at Union Square, if you see them stop by and say hi!

With the nicer weather in NYC the cycling tourist are back, what better way to enjoy the city than on a bike. While they will cut you off then ask for directions they truly mean well.
Ran into Patrick and one of his many beautiful bikes on my way to get a back rub.

Another one of these popped up in SOHO last week.

Some random interaction that I did not expect but was happy to have with a camera on me.

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