Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Portrait Time

Got some film back so you know what that means, PORTRAIT TIME!
I am really stoked to have so many friends that ride and express their individual style both on and off the bike! 
My friend Miguel is a amazing artist and also customizes track bikes, this is the Batman build.
Be sure to check his website here: http://www.dizmology.com/

A friend Chris Kellar came into town with this lovely build to pay some tickets and get some advice for a new company he's starting. Gold Star in Indy. Really motivated kid, I wish you the best!

A good friend of mine, Nate Gogal, "URAN8" in the backyard of his tattoo shop, Thicker Than Water.
My friend Shawn Wolf also from Indy came into town to pay a ticket and get some advice for his new delivery service called Gold Star in Indy. Keep em grounded Shawn and best of luck!

Speaking of new delivery services, a good friend of mine Cassandra recently opened her own service Sparrow Courier  in the Williamsburgh, Greenpoint, Bushwick area of Brooklyn! 
If you need anything delivered in Brooklyn hit her up here:

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