Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bits and Pieces

I'm waiting on some film to be developed so I looked back in the archives to find some Bits and Pieces to post. 

 My friend Santiago's cranks reppn' ZLOG on his crank. http://www.zlogblog.com/

 My boy Kirkland's dog buddy was rocking the new Cadence stickers. http://www.cadenceclothing.net/
 Myself, Colin and Massan. This was after the Red Bull race, we all had a few!
http://macaframa.com/     http://massansf.com/
 Andy Ellis taking a break on our ride to Paradise loop. http://www.fixedgearlondon.com/
 Bikes and graffiti, two things that go very well together.
 Checked out the San Diego Zoo, really impressive to see how well the animals were taking care of. They do really great work with saving species that are almost extinct.
 While in San Diego I stopped by Velo Cult, here is there clever coffee branding. The coffee was really good, hit up there site and grab some! I'm sipping on some Eddy Perckx right now! http://velocult.com/
 These are all Track frames, the whole shop feel had a great vibe to it.
 Mary and I checked out some San Diego landmarks while there. This was a Bob Hope memorial that was playing broadcast from the 70's for soldiers.
My man Smiling Jack! This guy was playing in Little Italy, he can play anything on the accordion! 

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