Friday, June 24, 2011


 I got some film back from the Harlem Crit fixed event. A pretty good turn out considering how last minute everything was organized. I recently started skateboarding again and fell pretty hard so I couldn't race but it was nice to roll up on a group ride and support in beautiful Harlem!
 Standing start
 Everyone looked stoked and nervous at the same time, the usual for most races.
 My man Santiago was giving it his all and holding his all unfortunately that fancy front wheel was tubular and went flat halfway through the race.
 Props to Heather Muller for being the only girl out there! She rode her street gear and was spinning out. Most of the racers had no idea what to expect.
 These two held down the front after breaking away after the 3rd lap. Ktel and a Chicago guy in the Cutting Crew.

Cutting Crew for the win, kind of a confusing ending of the race. The announcer was not up to speed with the lap card holder. Spectators and racers were very annoyed but after a few everyone calmed down. I hope next year is a little better put together.

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