Saturday, March 19, 2011


I have been working a insane amount and training for races so as a result post have been at a low. I have a bunch of things in the works so stay tuned, for now here is a teaser to wet your whistle.

 Luke and Chris looking at settings on the camera for empire.
 Sexy Serotta detail from the NAHBBS
So good, every party or event I go to this guy is there always rocking different legs!

 A new crochet bike popped up in my hood.
Stopped by Mathew Devotions workshop. He refurbishes bikes and has an amazing collection. check him out here:

Performance art...
 Cupcake cruising!
 Party time!
 Ellis G strikes again! He has been arrested 3 times the past year for graffiti and all charges have been dropped, he uses chalk and only chalk witch in not a crime. He is currently working on a lawsuit against NYC.
He got first out of town in Austin for the NAHBBS race, one of his prizes was the new metal viking logo shirt! For info and other Prolly products check him out here:

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