Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bryan's Bikes: Eddy Merckxv pista

This weeks Bryan's Bikes post is a special one.
 Bryan bought this and carried it on his back in Europe along with another of the same frame that he ended up selling. This bike was hanging in the old shop as long as I can remember and it took a little bit of arm twisting to get it down. Bryan is currently expanding into a much bigger work shop, I'm curious to see where he hangs this gem back up. "This bike is to be ridden on the track and will hang till I get back out there." Hope to see you out there soon man!
As always check Bicycle Revolutions out here:

Expired 35mm film

Drive side shot
A ever fitting Bicycle Revolutions sticker
Bryan got the nickname Fuzzy because there were to many Bryan's on the Time Cycle Crew at the time.
Even on the track Bryan set the record straight.
Classic Eddy Merckx dropouts
Bryan prefers the organic veggie diet.
At the time upright setups were rarely seen. I've been hunting for these bars for the past 9 years. Feel free to contact me if you have a pair.

A really beautiful fork and headset combo.

24 Hole Radial Tubular Campy to Mavic CXP 30'S

A head of its time non-drive outboard bearing bottom bracket track crank set that I Bryan paid less than your tires cost. I have never seen another pair of these in my life. Bryan said they were shortly recalled after.

He even had the matching shoes to boot. The scuff was from his fall at T-Town.

Thanks again to Bryan for letting me shoot this, while the lighting was far from ideal it was a real treat to take photos of!


  1. This bike is so beautiful in real life. always have to stop and stare when i come into the shop. that low light post was nice, good to see your posting again.

  2. Agreed, it's one of my favorites I have seen in person. Thanks for checking the post out and commenting! I'll be posting a lot more often, I've been so busy it's hard to keep up sometimes.

  3. hey what's that headset? i have the same one, unbranded and have been wondering...