Thursday, March 3, 2011

Been busy!

It's been a while since I have posted, I started a new job that requires long hours and also I went on vacation to Austin Texas for the N.A.H.B.B.S I've been shooting during this entire time but am now burning the midnight oil to post. I have a lot of awesome things in the works so stay tuned. During these busy times I always love to take photos of my friends and their bikes. While everyone is just as busy, photos like these remind me of why we all work so hard!
As always click on photo to enjoy full size.

Ken from Chari & co. One of the hardest working guy's in the game.

 This is Ricky, he also is grinding over at Chari & co. He recently sold me a 650c HED 3 for My Daccordi. Stay tuned for follow up photos.

 Another of Ken, this guy has bikes! He also loves rock climbing.

 This is my friend Sarah, we met up in Austin to have some beers and catch up. She is a collector of vintage cycling goods and a really positive girl to be around. Sarah and her husband Ian run a shop called Pushbike. If your in SF check out her shop!
 Here we have my dude Andrew from Austin Texas.From the day I landed, Andrew looked out for Mary and I, showing us a damn good time! Mary and his girlfriend Jesse went vintage shopping while we caught up and had a couple. Thanks  again guys! Looking forward to seeing you both at the NACCC
  On our last day in town Andrew took us for a group ride, during the last stretch of it we stopped for a beer. It was the golden hour and I wanted to grab a couple portraits. This is Milica and her Icarus bike from Boston it is so beautiful! Milica describes her paint job as "a sunset through a dirty window"
Milica is also a photographer, check out her site and blog
 Check out Icarus here :         
 A customer build from Affinity Cycles

This is a really amazing person to me! We started working together the same year at A.B.C. Legal. While I went on to messenger and travel to different city's she took the opportunity to open her own workshop hat is still in business 7 years later! Check her out here:
Ncki, it was really great to see you!

Here we have Jeff from All City, I first met Jeff during the Bicycle Film Festival last year when he crashed on my floor, the next couple of days were a blast! A solid stand up guy, that really believes in his product and it shows. Check out his work and ideas here: 
Keep it up man!

This has been a ongoing project around my neighborhood and I'm all for it.

Here we have my man "Popcorn" showing some flavor during work over at Mama's If you in the area check out the food here! I worked here the first 2 years I lived in NYC and still go back for the food!

A taste of what's to come.

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