Thursday, March 15, 2012


Well, it's been a while since I've posted. A lot of changes and growth have happened in the past few months. I now am proud to announce I'm a partner of King Kog in Brooklyn, I will be posting on the Facebook page and website blog as well as here showing my work. It's been a life long goal to work for myself and a goal for the past 12 years to have a shop. I considered and was planning on opening my own shop but after many training rides and conversations we concluded to combined forces. 
While there is a lot of details and projects to plan and work out the ball is rolling in a positive direction!

Below is a build for a customer Geoardie, he has been a coal miner, a soldier in the English army soldier and now lawyer. He came into the shop after a motorcycle accident, I offered him a bottle of water to prevent brain damage and he mentioned he wanted to get a bike built. I told him to heal up and rest and come back anytime kind of never expecting to see him again. He called the next day claiming that the doctor told him I saved his life by giving him water?! Needless to say I was speechless but gave condolences and wished him a speedy recovery. He came in a week later with the frame, "just build it how you would like it set up, somewhere in between a Ferrari and a Honda!" Long story short, here is the end result of a friendship and business relationship that started from a random act of kindness and a bottle of water.

 I went with Campy, he loved and rode Campy when he was young and was used to the shifting.  I had a bunch of used bits laying around and a wheel set that would work great.
 10 speed group
 He wanted to go with an alloy crank
Shawn pulled this from one of his bikes, this weighs in lighter than Sram Red with the Ti upgrades and ceramic pulley's.


  1. Wow, Congratulations Yo!! It's a great time to be in the bicycle industry : )